Robin Wright

Diana Becomes a Hero in the Final ‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer
While Wonder Woman fans might’ve been worried about the lack of advertising for the upcoming film, pundits were quick to tell audiences to relax, they’re coming, you just have to let them get to the other side of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. It would seem the pundits are right: last…
10 ‘House of Cards’ Facts to Whip Your Netflix Vote
Netflix's House of Cards seems tailor-made for the intricacy of American politics, but did you know the series originated in the U.K., or as a book before that? Or that much of the series subs in Baltimore, Maryland for Washington D.C.? Mind the train tracks for our 17th episode of ‘You …
Sean Penn’s Daughter Is A Hottie [VIDEO]
Having Sean Penn and Robin Wright as parents would most likely be pretty cool. Having them as parents and being beautiful probably does not suck either. Meet 22-year-old Dylan Penn. You can see a whole lot more of Dylan in an upcoming issue of GQ Magazine.