See the Cast of ‘RoboCop’ Then and Now
In 1987, no man seemed to successfully be able to step up and match the lowlifes and scum that made up the crime-ridden city of Detroit...until Robocop stepped in to play, that is! The science-fiction action film told the story of an officer who was brutally killed and resurrected by the science of …
RoboCop Statue Arrives in Detroit for Final Assembly [VIDEO]
The 10-foot-tall RoboCop statue has finally arrived in Detroit after years of online rallying, fundraising, design and, of course, construction. There is still a ways to go before Officer Alex Murphy's likeness stands in Detroit, but you can check out the progress of the project here.
Comic-Con 2013: ‘RoboCop’ Remake Reveals New Images
Things have been awfully quiet on the 'RoboCop' front, with information about the upcoming remake of the classic 1987 film film slowing to a trickle. But with Comic-Con 2013 literally right around the corner, it looks like marketing on the film is looking to leap forward in a major way. The film's v…
Robocop Statue To Detroit? [VIDEO]
A few weeks ago, Detroit Mayor, Dave Bing made it clear the city would not be building a statue of film icon, Robocop.  But thanks to some very generous nerds, the Motor City might be a little safer, and way cooler.