rock on the range 2014

Rock on The Range – Day 3 [PICS]
By day three of Rock on the Range, there's no doubt that we went out with a bang with Kid Rock closing out the entire weekend festival. It was an amazing year with lots of great memories and memories that were forgotten due to some serious alcohol intake. Check out the final pics from the main …
Rock on The Range – Day 2 [PICS]
On day number two of Rock on The Range, it was a lot colder with lots more rain but that didn't slow anybody down, including the bands on the main stage. Here's some killer pics of all the bands that performed on that very same stage.
Rock on The Range – Day 1 [PICS]
Aside from chilly temps and rainy conditions, it was another killer year at Rock on The Range in Columbus, Ohio. From Guns N' Roses to KIllswitch Engage, here's a look at some of the bands that performed on day one.