See How Condoms Are Made
I always thought condoms were made by elves in trees, but it turns out I was thinking about cookies.  To get the real story on what's protecting your genitals and how they produce over 1 million rubbers day, check this video out.
Condoms Tested Out Car Window
Whenever you strap on a condom, there is always that concern that it's some shoddy, poorly made piece of rubber and you're going to both get her pregnant and get AIDS at the same time.   These dudes must have had that concern, and they decided to put their condoms to the test.
5 Year Old Thinks Used Condom Is Balloon And Blows It Up
This is easily one of the grossest stories I've ever heard. In a Colorado kindergarten class, a student found a used rubber on the ground and proceeded to blow it up like a balloon. Check out the news story featuring her obviously upset father.