Female Streaker Heats Up Rugby Game [VIDEO]
To streak or not to streak? In this case the answer is STREAK! Watch as 25-year-old Rose Kupa struts her naked stuff across a rugby field this past Saturday. It may not look like it, but this girl certainly has some balls!
Hot Chicks Used To Explain Rugby
Let's face the facts, nobody knows what the hell is going on in a rugby game.  If you ever happen to catch a game on ESPN3 at 4:00 AM, this video will be a handy guide in the basics of rugby.  And if you don't give a crap about rugby,  it has four smoking hot chicks, so just…
Bad Ass Rugby Fight
When it comes to sports fights, there seems to be 2 camps. One side saying "Thugs, Animals, and Bad Sports", the other side saying "Bad Ass". I love sports fights and this one is awesome.