Monkfish Catches Man [VIDEO]
Well this is a strange turn of events. Instead of man catching a fish, the fish is doing the fishing in this particular case. Watch as a Russian diver is literally wrist-deep inside the mouth of a monkfish.
Motorcyclist Brake Checks Car, Gets Nailed [VIDEO]
Ok, so I'm all about motorcycles and their right to be out on the road as much as the next guy. I also think that in the summertime people should just expect bikes to be out on the road and thus drivers should look twice before making a move or lane change...
People Lending a Hand Gives Hope for Humanity [VIDEO]
Lately it feels like all we hear about is death, destruction and suffering. This video shines a little light on what feels like a really dark world. All caught on Russian dash cams, here's a collection of our fellow humans doing the right thing.
Woman Has World’s Strongest Vagina [VIDEO]
I know a vagina is capable of many things. Lifting a weight with a vagina? That I did not know was possible. Check out Tatyana Kozhevnikova, this Russian woman holds the Guinness World Record for vagina weightlifting. Sure a vagina can take a punch, but lift weights? Prepare to be amazed or really g…
Meteor Crash in Russia Injures Over 700 People [VIDEO]
Today a meteor blasted through the sky in Russia leaving over 700 people with minor injuries. The meteor burned up before touching ground, the injuries were a result of the powerful shock wave that shattered glass in building windows. The meteor wasn't even that big, maybe the size of your kitc…
Russian Women Looking for American Men Dating Video Compilation
Let's be real, American chicks get old.  Since they have been living in America for their entire lives, women think they are entitled to the finer things in life, like a new car, the Iphone 5 and a husband who is good looking, helpful and attentive in bed.  Russian women have none of …

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