saving abel

Saving Abel Frontman Jared Weeks Exits the Band
Saving Abel will be making a noticeable change in their lineup as the band enters 2014. Frontman Jared Weeks has announced that he's leaving the group to start a solo career, while his bandmates have moved quickly to find his replacement.
Saving Abel Vs. Hurt – Cockfight
Saving Abel hopes they can 'Bring Down the Giant' that is Hurt in the weekend edition of The Cockfight. Vote is open all weekend until Sunday at 10p, you can vote once a day -- get to it!
Saving Abel ‘Miss America Video’
This is a great salute to the troops video from Saving Abel. Count how many times you see a Machine Shop shirt in the video. If you get it right, you get to come up to the radio station and get to kick Fantone in the junk.

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