Sex Tape

Three Grandmas Watch Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape
It's hard to believe that the monster know as The Kardashians got it's start when a C-List rapper banged a chick with a huge ass on camera.  Watch three grandmas, and their hilarious reactions to that recording
Charlize Theron – Sick and Twisted Sex Tape
I have a huge thing for Charlize Theron, she is one of my favorites. I'm glad that the guys over at Funny or Die put her up to make this fake sex tape because if it were real, we'd all have a new opinion of her. This is a video that even I can't explain, you just have to watch it for …
Brother Lover! Hulk Hogan Latest Celebrity Sex Tape Victim
I think there are two victims here, the Hulkster and the poor woman he had sex with.
The New York Post is reporting that a sex tape starring the super star wrestler is being shopped around to porn distributors.  Hulk Hogan claims the tape was made without his knowledge. According to Contact Music the…