Sex Toys

Introducing ‘The World’s Biggest Dildo’ NSFW [VIDEO]
This is riDICKulous! Pipe Dream Products claims to have constructed the 'World's Biggest Dildo'. At 12-foot, 4-inch-tall I would have to agree. However, I am no dildo pro, so I asked one. Chris Monroe said yes, to his knowledge this one is the biggest. If you ever find yourself in a d…
Major Chains Start Carrying Sex Toys
Sex toys are nothing new, but until recently, you had to go to adult stores or use the internet to buy them.  Recently, major retailers have started carrying sex toys, and there has been no shortage of demand.
Japanese Egg Masturbation Toy
Japan, you've done it again.  Check out this video, featuring what seems to be some sort of egg-toy.  Then check out how it quickly it become obvious what the toys real purpose is.