Why Play Air Guitar When You Can Have Air Sex? [VIDEO]
Now I know there really is a contest for anything and everything. Playing air guitar is so last year. Now you can actually simulate air sex. If you are really good at it, you may just want to enter in the Air Sex World Championship. See, all those years of doing it alone could pay off!
New Website Helps Travelers Find a Boom-Boom Room
There is nothing quite like throwing caution to the wind and embarking on wild road trip across America for the sole purpose of taking in the city lights, smelling the country air and having as many one-night-stands as you can shake your, well… a stick at...
Hot Girl Break up Sex Prank [VIDEO]
These hot chick pranksters are about to fool some pretty horny dudes. They pretend they are on the phone with their boyfriends and just found out that they were cheated on. While talking loudly on the phone they announce they will bang the next guy they see for revenge.

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