Parrot Imitates the Noises of Having Sex [VIDEO]
I've never had a pet parrot before, but it's pretty common knowledge that they'll imitate pretty much whatever they hear. Even the sounds of sweet passionate love making, which apparently this bird has witnessed a lot of. Check out this horn-ball bird.
$1000 Supply of Vibrators Stolen from Plastic-Lover Pusher
Someone must have been hard up for pleasure, at least one person was in Illinois. A Galesburg, Ill. woman came back to her apartment to find $1000 worth of vibrators stolen while other valuables were left untouched -- later the local battery store was 'knocked up' for its AA batteries…
Weirdest Sexual Phobias – Fantone’s Friday Top 5
I found out today that the word for having a fear of Friday the 13th is friggatriskaidekaphobia, which peaked my interest into other phobias.  And as I got looking into other phobias, i realized there are a whole bunch of weird sexual phobias.  Here's five of the weirdest that I found…
Japanese Egg Masturbation Toy
Japan, you've done it again.  Check out this video, featuring what seems to be some sort of egg-toy.  Then check out how it quickly it become obvious what the toys real purpose is.
10 Reasons to Have Sex Every Day – Told by a Hot Chick
This chick is pretty hot and explains why we should have sex every day. I didn't need an explanation on this but I think the ladies should sit through it, you might learn something. Out of all 10 reasons for having sex every day, reason #3 is the most important and healthiest one of all. Man, I…
Sex With Your Dead Spouse? Almost Legal in Egypt
Egyptian men may soon have the go ahead to have sex with their dead wife for up to six hours after her death.  Talk about a dead lay!  Who would want to do this?  Not only is this disturbing another new law has lowered the age of marriage to 14 years old.

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