Sexual Innuendo In Popular Cartoons
Sometimes you go back and watch something from your youth, and you get a completely different perspective on it.  Check out some of these classic cartoons and their dirty, dirty sex jokes.
Sex As Understood By Teenage Boys
I remember sitting in class as a kid, starring at my really hot teacher and day dreaming about how bad she wanted me. I think all adolescent boys go through this, it's just what happens when the hormones take over. Ladies if you ever wondered what we were thinking about when we young little per…
Homeless Couple Arrested For Public Sex
Horny and homeless! Jonathon Price, 41, and Shannon McClung, 38 may not be the most attractive couple, but they certainly draw a crowd!  The homeless couple were recently arrested for having sex on a public stage in Connecticut.
Man Suffers From Sexsomnia
I have to admit I have never even heard of Sexsomnia. According to Wikipedia, sleep sex or Sexsomnia is defined as a condition in which a person will do sexual acts while still asleep, acts such as masturbation, fondling themselves or others, having sex with another person and in more extreme cases …
Teen Calls Cops Over Mom’s Loud Sex
A 15 year old Florida girl was not having it when she heard her mother having sex.  Instead of putting on head phones, throwing up or just running out of the house screaming, she called 9-1-1-.  Man I hope they release the recording of that phone call!
Abstinence Bear Reminds You To Not Have Sex
I think encouraging abstinence is probably the most uphill battle of all time.  People want to have sex, and they'd have to be pretty dedicated not to.  It's a good thing that Abstinence Bear is around to remind us to keep it in our pants.
Why Your Girl Fakes It
Let's face it guys; we know our girls fake the 'big O' from time to time -- we just deal with it. Well, most deal with it, others take it to heart -- as a guy you shouldn't do that -- if it was up to us we would be done as soon as we finish, but since we sorta care for these chic…
Men Who Cheat More Likely To Fracture Penis
Talk about a job you get "dicked" around at!  A doctor at the University of  Maryland Medical Center has recently completed a study on 16 cases of penile fractures.  The study concluded that half of the men admitted to fracturing their penises when they were cheating…

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