Sexy Pizza Making Video Will Make Your Dough Rise [VIDEO]
If you're like me and not very handy around the kitchen, then this "how to make pizza video" is for you. If you don't care how to make pizza from scratch but you love hot chicks, then this video is for you. This is the sexiest pizza making I have ever seen in my life and …
Picnic Goes From Sexy To Sloppy
Picnic's aren't usually that sexy, but in this video, the chicks are using picnic food in very erotic ways. What starts as a innocently spilled drink ends up in all out food orgy.
Zippearz – Sport Ear Bud Commercial [VIDEO]
You may have this problem; your jogging, working out or riding your bike and your ear buds fall out and you can't listen to your music anymore. You no longer have to worry about that you can get Zippearz ... who the hell am I kidding? I could care less about the product they're trying to sell. I cou…
Sexy Brazillian Game Show [VIDEOS]
While we waste our time in America watching Glee and American Idol, the people of Brazil are using television for what it was invented for.  Hot chicks playing sports in bikinis and bubbles.
Kate Upton Super Hot [VIDEO]
I'm not 100 percent sure on who Kate Upton is.  After seeing this video, I'm still not sure of who she is, but I do know she is unbelievably hot.
10 Hot Chicks [VIDEO]
Personally, I didn't care for today's 'Daily Hot Chick', there's a good chance you feel the same way. Either way, I've included 10 video/pics of some REALLY hot chicks. By the way, who the hell picked the music for this? What a dumb song, but who really cares anyway?