One Tough Cocktail in Russia Requires Wearing a Helmet [VIDEO]
I love shots like the next guy but if it requires me to wear a helmet, I must stand down. Apparently there's a bar in Russia that serves a cocktail that literally requires you to wear a helmet because you get slammed in the head with your shot before you drink it then get bashed over the head w…
What Kind of Liquor is in a ‘Jackson 5′ Shot?
You've heard of a "Three Wise Men," and a "Four Horsemen," now get ready for an even more grotesque, liver-busting shot called a "Jackson 5." Find out what kind of liquor is in this shot and why you'll probably never order one here.
The ‘Oh My God’ Beer Bomb
I love my booze but even this would be too much for me.  For those of you that think you can hang with this, here is what is in it:

Starts with a "Flaming Dr. Pepper"
into an "Irish Car Bomb"
into a "Saki Bomb"
and finishing with a "Boi…