Two-Years Old Skateboarder is a Natural Pro [VIDEO]
At two-year-olds most kids are just learning how to not crap themselves, but like his American counterpart Trick Shot Titus, this one is already excelling at his chosen sport; Skateboarding. Kahlei Stone-Kelly, is a 2-year-old boy from Victoria, Australia, and is probably the world's youngest s…
Skateboard Tricks Look Sick With Chalk in the Mix [VIDEO]
I don't know about you, but even though I couldn't even dare to dream of getting on a skateboard and try to pull off a simple ollie, I still love skateboarding and all the amazing tricks these dudes can do. And these slow-motion tricks will change the way you look at skateboarding.
First Look At Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD
If you're anything like me, you spent most of your high school days playing Tony Hawk and hoping a girl would finally touch your wiener. Tony Hawk is back and better than ever with his new game Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD.
720 Double Kickflip Landed
I've pulled some sick moves on a skateboard (while playing Tony Hawk on Playstation) but I've never even seen something like this.  Watch this dude pull a 720 double kickflip in super slow motion.
Cop Skateboards With Kids — Wait, What?
Here is one of the few cool cops out there.  These kids are just trying to have a good time skateboarding and normally the cops swing by to shut that down.  Not only is this guy cool with them skating around, he actually shows a little skill.  Check it out after the jump.
8-Year-Old Skateboarder is Badass
This just blows me away as to how good this little dude is. I'm old as hell and I've never been able to skateboard (I can't even stand on one), even as a little kid I totally sucked. This video of 8 year old Evan Doherty was shot over a period of 2 weeks and will impress the hell out …
Italo Romano, Legless Skateboarder Shreds Skatepark
Meet Italo Romano, 23-year-old legless skateboarder from Curitiba, Brazil -- his skills on a skateboard show that limitation is only a state of mind. Romano shreds this skatepark better than most people would with two capable legs. After watching this video you should feel inspired to try anything y…

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