Norwigian Nerd ‘Up’s the Ante’ For Sochi Skier’s [VIDEO]
Yesterday, I posted a video of how flatulence makes figure skating fun for guys watching at home. Tonight, we'll look at up'ing the ante for downhill skiing. And I think this Norwegian nerd has the right idea. Nothing like an AT-AT coming at you guns blazin' while your trying to navig…
Awesome Detroit Documentary, ‘Tracing Skylines’
I stumbled across this video this morning about urban Skiing.  When I actually started watching it, it turned out to be a pretty sweet short documentary.  Just because it looks abandoned doesn't mean that it isn't useful.  I get to spend a decent amount of time in Detroit.&n…
Ski Jump Fail
Videos like this are the reason you'll never find me on a going down the side of a mountain.  This dude is shredding it like it's a Mountain Dew commercial and next thing you know, he's flying through the air on his back and landing in a position that should have broke his neck.
Ostrich Skiing
You can see a lot of amazing things on the internet.  Very few are as amazing as an ostrich tearing up the slopes.  Strap on your skis and check out the video.