Muse’s New Music Was Inspired by Skrillex
Muse have frequently been compared to Radiohead, but when it came time to work on their upcoming album ‘The 2nd Law,’ the band took its cues from an altogether different source: dubstep star Skrillex.
Old People Think Skrillex and Dubstep Will Kill Them
The rise of dubstep has taken the music industry by storm, headed by former From First To Last frontman Skrillex (real name Sonny Moore). In the Fine Brothers’ latest installment of their web series ‘Elders React,’ we get to witness what the silver generation thinks of the EDM craz…
14 Animals With Skrillex Hair
If there’s anything more recognizable than Skrillex’s music, it’s his unique side-swooped hair. (He’s basically the Justin Bieber of the electronica world.) The unique hairstyle has a Twitter Account, and has even been adopted by other celebrities. Now, animals are…
35,000 Led Lights Create a Killer Skrillex Christmas Display
This kid and his dad put some serious work into this front yard display for Christmas. They hooked up 35,000 led lights on 64 channels and rocked an awesome light show to Skrillex's 'First of The Year (Equinox). This is first dubstep Xmas that I've ever seen, nice job guys!