This Guy Needs To Bail, Major Sled Fail [VIDEO]
When I was a kid my dad would take me and my sisters sledding. It was not just casual sledding. My dad would have us race other kids down the hill. With one strong push I would be flying down a snow covered cliff! Luckily there were no chairs below, I can't say the same for this clown.
Dude Totally Rocks Drums a Drum Kit While Riding a Sled [VIDEO]
With the 2nd Annual Cardboard Classic just days away I'm thinking that we need to get this guy signed up! Although, it is kind of strange why anyone would do this in the first place. Maybe he's trying to be the next Tommy Lee, who dazzled us all in the 80's with his spinning, rol…
Guy Nearly Breaks His Neck After Sled Collision
I'm thinking this dude was attempting to jump over this sled that was coming right at him, he didn't make it. The first time I watched it, I didn't see what the big deal was but once I watched the slow motion version, it was all too clear to me. Holy crap that must have been so painfu…
Best Sledding Hills in the Flint Area
With winter fast approaching, it's about time to start thinking about fun activities to do during the long winter days. One great thing to do around Flint during the winter -- besides sliding on snowy roads -- is to get sledding. Here are a five great local spots to take your family sledding...
Russian Kids Know How To Sled
Winter time means snow, and downhill sledding, I mean you can't go wrong with sitting on a piece of plastic, riding down a hill with no control. These Russian kids took sledding a whole step further!