Human Slingshot Launches Base Jumper At 120 MPH [VIDEO]
This slingshot combines to items that I have yet to cross off my bucket list. I want to become a skydiving instructor more than anything. Also, every time I'm at Cedar Point I try to muster up the balls to ride the Rip Cord. Hopefully one day I'll be able to make all that happen.
Man Goes Bitch Mode On Slingshot Ride [VIDEO]
This guy was really trying to look like a man at the start of this ride. Unfortunately, it was a little more intense than what he expected. As the ride takes off, you can tell he is about to freak out. It looks like he goes through an exorcism half way through. Even the chick with him took it better…
Awesome Bungee Slingshot To Base Jump
If always wanted to get into skydiving just so I could graduate on to base jumping.  This is the reason why.  I've heard skydiving is awesome and mixing the endless options of base jumping with it would be sweet.  Once I accomplish that, I will have lived a full life.