Jared Leto Gives Jimmy Fallon A Gift From The Joker [VIDEO]
With 'Suicide Squad' coming out very soon, all the actors have been making their way around the media. The other night Jared Leto stopped by Jimmy's show with a gift from the Joker. If you have been following the making of the movie, Leto is a method actor and would send creepy disgus…
Michigan Woman Finds Snake In Couch [VIDEO]
This may make you think twice when it comes to taking or buying previously used items. A Grand Rapids woman found what now is believed to have been a boa constrictor in a couch that she had picked up off the side of the road. Holly Wright says the couch had been in her bedroom for 2-months before th…
Snake Pukes Up an Entire Cow [VIDEO]
For some reason this snake can't keep his dinner down, probably because it ate an entire freaking cow. I'm not a fan of watching anyone puke but it's really hard to look away when it's a big ol' cow.