Soccer Fans Set Fire to Rival’s Stadium [VIDEO]
Watch as Serbia soccer fans set massive fires in the stands in Belgrade. Apparently these two teams are huge rivals and at one point during the game, things got way out of control. I guess it's not out of the norm to throw flares during a game but this escalated to a whole different level.
U.K Sports Reporter ‘Biffs’ on Live TV [VIDEO]
U.K. Sky News sports reporter, Nick Collins was broadcasting live from Wembley Stadium in London yesterday. When in the middle of his report, he tripped on something, completely biffed and fell out of the live shot.
How Not To Play Soccer With Your Kid [VIDEO]
Apparently when you have kids you are supposed to do things with them. Things like teaching them how to ride a bike, fish or maybe practice soccer with them. However, parents need to remember their strength is far more superior than a young child's. Check out super dad nailing his son with a so…
The Week In Sports Recap 5/14/12
Everybody step back from the ledge. The Tigers are going to be fine. Just relax people. My thoughts on the Tigs, the flopping epidemic of the NBA, and hell, we'll even talk some soccer.
Troll Face Meme Takes Over Turkish Soccer Match
I'm not 100% sure what the deal is with these "troll face" things on the internet, but you see them everywhere.  Including this Turkish soccer match.  And just to make things even better, there are plenty of flares getting shot into it.
Security Guard Nailed With Stray Ball
Being a security guard at a soccer game is no small task.  You've gotta watch out for soccer hooligans, athletes who weren't tough enough to play football and you've always gotta have your head on the swivel for stray balls.  Those things hurt.
Amputee Soccer World Championship
A lot of people think soccer is for kids who are afraid to play football and lesbians.  And for the most part, they are right.  But I've gotta give it up to the dudes playing in the African Amputee League, cuz playing soccer is a lot of running, even more when you only have one leg.
Sit Up Prank Results With Ass-Face
Okay the first thing I have to say about this video, is that it features shirtless young men, and I don't want you getting all weird about it.  Porn has naked dudes in it all the time, and you probably watch 17 on 1 gangbangs, so don't call me gay for posting it.  The second thin…
Little Kid Gets Soccer Ball Blasted In The Face
My older brother was a dick when it came to playing sports with me.  Just because he was bigger and older, he would totally dominate and get pissed anytime I blocked a shot or scored.  Check out this little bro get blasted for playing defense.

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