Dad Pranks Son With Tesla ‘Autopilot’ Feature [VIDEO]
A new level of laziness has been achieved my friends. Now you can link up your car to your phone and "drive" it. The Tesla now has a summon feature which will drive the car on its own. Thankfully, this dad has a sense of humor and decided to tape a prank on his son.
Son Stabs Mom Over Sandwich
No matter who you are, you will always fight with your parents.  This just goes a bit to far.  A 27 year old Illinois man apparently when after his mother with a butcher knife after she offered to make him a sandwich.  The attack was so brutal the butcher knife broke at the handle dur…
Dad Sentenced For Tattooing 3 Year Old
I don't know what the right age for your first tattoo is, but I know 3 isn't the right age.  A man in Georgia apparently didn't and inked up his infant.  Now a judge has handed down his sentence.