spring break

Spring Breaker Pees On Cop’s Sandwich
Well this is a pretty sweet spring break story. An 18-year-old male was arrested after he pissed on a police officer's lunch inside of a patrol car. The incident happened after police responded to a disturbance call on Fort Myers Beach.
Spring Break 2012 With Maxim’s Katrina Bowden
I'll never forget my spring break experience back in my early 20's, that's something that always sticks with you . Katrina Bowden was Maxim Magazine's February cover girl, here she takes it to the beach in Panama City Beach, Florida to host a booty shake contest and more.
Spring Break Mama
With spring break just around the corner I thought I'd give you a video that features a woman a little too old to be kickin it with the kids. I hope after watching this, you realize this is your mom.