St. Patrick's Day

Irish Peeps Taste American St. Patrick’s Day Treats [VIDEO]
Happy St. Patrick's Day to you! A guy in the video below said it best - today is Christmas for alcoholics! A day where you slap on something green and are instantly Irish. Most of us really are not. The peeps in the video are and they are taste testing what we Americans pass off as St. Patrick&…
Maggie Shows Off Her Dance Moves On St. Patrick’s Day [VIDEO]
After a long St. Patrick's Day and several cocktails Maggie and my girlfriend Erica hit the dance floor for some fun. Maggie once caught my sweet dance moves on camera a few months ago. This time a caught her dancing. The moral of the story, when out drinking, we both love to dance with Erica.
St. Patrick’s Day vs. The Ugly Morning After [VIDEO]
There's a good reason I'm not coming into work this Monday, the day after St. Patrick's day can get really ugly. In this funny sketch video, this guy wants to remember what he did on our favorite drinking holiday, so he makes a video of his actions and it gets really ugly.