stage dive

Dumbest Stagediver Ever Jumps Right Into Nothing [VIDEO]
There are couple things wrong with this. First, if your going to stage dive, it's best to start from, you know, the stage. The second thing you need to do is make sure there are actually people there to catch you. This guy didn't do either of those things. Be sure to watch to the end for t…
We Have Found The Most Pathetic “Stage Dive” Ever [VIDEO]
All of us here at the Banana have seen our fair share of stage dives. From crazy leaps into a stadium of people to walking on the shoulders of fans at the Machine Shop, we seen it all, until now. Watch as this guy tries to rally people up front to begin his dive. When no one pays attention, he tries…
Stage Dive Fail
I've seen some crazy stage dives in my day, and I've seen some awful stage dives. This one definitely is one of the latter. Watch this dude act like a douche and then get dropped by the crowd.