Steel Panther

Steel Panther Vs. 10 Years – Cockfight
Steel Panther attempts to finish off the week undefeated after besting huge bands like Korn and Red Hot Chili Peppers. 10 Years will attempt to knock the reigning champs off the throne with their new single 'Now is the Time'.
Steel Panther Vs. Korn Ft. Skrillex – Cockfight
Steel Panther massacred RHCP last night in The Cockfight, now they will really be tested. The "Fanthers" have really put up some votes this week, but will they be able to outnumber Korn fans tonight. '17 Girls in a Row' will face the new Korn and Skrillex track 'Narc…
Steel Panther Vs. Brian ‘Head’ Welch – Cockfight
Last night's bout proved to be a real pissing match between fans of Steel Panther and Evans Blue. The Panther prevailed and will square off against former Korn axeman Brian 'Head' Welch. Let's see whose fans come out in full force tonight in The Cockfight....
Steel Panther Vs. Evans Blue – Cockfight
In what is no doubt an unusual match up, Evans Blue will go for their fourth win in The Cockfight against the comedic hair metal band Steel Panther. Check out both of the songs and place your early votes here!
Steel Panther – Sexy Santa
Merry X-Mas from Banana 101.5 and Steel Panther! Congrats to all the banana listeners that won tickets to see the band in Royal Oak. Here, give a listen to "Sexy Santa"!