Booty Lounge Mobile Strip Club Gets Shutdown by Detroit Police
Sundays are made for football, beer, hanging out and ... strippers? Well if you're tailgating at a Detroit Lions game you could hang with strippers -- that was until the City of Detroit is shutting down the mobile strip club know as Booty Lounge. This was all happening right under officials nos…
Pole Dancing Air Walk
Being a stripper isn't an easy job.  You've gotta find someone to watch your kids, get old dude boners rubbed all over you, and pull of some athletic moves on the pole.  This hot ass chick takes pole moves to an impressive new level.
Pole Dancing Champ Live TV Fail [VIDEO]
Pole dancing won't stop trying to get into the mainstream.  When American Pole Dancing champ, Natasha Wang went on TV they expected her to represent the "sport" as dignified and physically demanding. She fell instead.
Top 10 Pole Dancing Fails [VIDEO]
Since we have a strip club on every corner in this town I figured this was pretty appropriate.  Now granted, most of the ladies in this area are pro's at working the pole...the ones in this video are not!  But, we all have to start somewhere.  With a little practice and some hard…
Stripper Webcam Fail [VIDEO]
This chick is putting on a little web show and doesn't realize that her privacy blanket fell off the window. This goes into the "classic" vault for sure!
Nerds Rob Strip Club Patron
Next time you are at one of Flint's many fine adult establishments, be on the look out for anybody playing World Of Warcraft, doing math, or wearing a t-shirt with a wolf on it, cuz nerds are robbing everybody.
Harry Potter Pole Dance [VIDEO]
I've never seen a Harry Potter movie, but I'm not judging you if you're a fan.  Unless you're a grown man, then I'm totally judging you for being a Harry Potter fan.  Unless you're a nine year old, the only Harry Potter you should be watching involves a pole a…
Stripper Fail
Girls, you should give your guy a dance.  He'll appreciate it, you'll feel sexy, and you can hold it over his head.  But before you do, put in some practice and do not buy a home stripper pole.  They seem destined to fail.  Check out the video inside.