Student Gets Rocked In High School Classroom [VIDEO]
I'm not entirely sure what happened that started this. It starts with one kid throwing something at another on in class. The "victim" of the thrown object doesn't take to well to that. He walks up on him and knocks him out right in front of the teacher.
Russian Student Kicks Teacher in The Nuts [VIDEO]
Not sure if this is real or fake but it's sweet nonetheless. This Russian teacher is giving this little girl a lot of crap about the word "you" and what it means. He pushes and pushes until she's had enough, then teaches him a lesson.
Former Michigan Teacher Facing Sex Charges
Here we go again with another story about some sick bastard teacher and his obsession with little girls. I hate that it takes so long for kids to come forward with these cases, this guy could have been locked up a long time ago. I have a feeling a lot more girls are going to come forward. Check out …