Stun Gun

Michigan School Bus Driver Prepared to Taser Kids
Perhaps the best way to handle an unruly kid, especially if it is not your own, is to blast the little pecker-gnat in face with a stun gun. Now, while this disciplinary method is frowned upon by more stable members of civil society, that did not stop a Michigan school bus driver from arming herself …
Girl Uses Stun Gun on Girlfriend’s Butt
It's the simple things in life that we need to enjoy.  This chick is pretty hardcore when it comes to taking on challenges.  I've seen plenty of other videos where people take on a challenge like this and it takes forever for them to build up the courage.  This girl only tak…
New Sport Tazer Ball Uses 300,000 Volt Stun Guns
I don't know if I want to call this sport bad ass or dumb ass, but I guess both fit. Check out the so called "Future of Sport", Tazer Ball. It's kinda like football, it's kinda like soccer, and it's a lot like getting tazed by the police.