Guys Perform Terrifying Hard to Watch Stunts [VIDEO]
If you are a afraid of heights in any way, shape or form, this will be very hard to watch. These young guys perform insane stupid stunts without safety nets or harnesses of any kind. Obviously they have a death wish, you can only do this so many times before something tragic happens.
Kid Puts Firecrackers In Mouth and Lights Them [VIDEO]
Okay this guy is a dope. Why in the world would you put firecrackers in your mouth and then light them? Maybe so people all over the interweb can call you an idiot. If that is the case, than this dildo is winning!
We do not recommend that you try this at home, unless you are Chris Monroe...
Paraglider Accidentally Takes Out Soccer Player
Paragliding is a fairly common stunt at soccer matches across the world, but like any stunt, these things can go wrong. This Ecuadorian soccer match is one example. The paragliders were supposed to land on the sidelines, but unfortunately something went wrong and the glider was blown right into th…
Brave Man Demonstrates Rooftop Parkour Skills
Warning: this video of a man scaling buildings and running from rooftop to rooftop in Cambridge, England is not for the faint of heart or stomach. The film was shot with a helmet cam, and gives a first person P.O.V. of what it would be like to run from building to building...
Teen Lands Stunt Job Through YouTube Videos [VIDEO]
A UK teen has landed himself a job teaching Parkour (free running) in the United States through videos he posted of himself on YouTube. Marcus Wilson, 17 will be teaching the sport and is hoping to become a professional stuntman according to The Telegraph.
This is pretty amazing to watch. Check …
Guy Attempts Fearless Stunts
I don't know if this dude is fearless or just a total nut job. There is no way anyone in their right mind would attempt this stuff. I'm scared of heights, so this really gets my heart pounding. From back flips on the ledge of a building to hanging from a really tall crane, this guy's …
Man Sets Himself on Fire After Proposing
I'm not really sure what to think about this.  It's definitely one of the most creative proposals I've ever seen that's for sure.  I'm pretty sure he is a stunt man acting out a scene from 'The Dark Knight' but I still don't know that point of settin…
Awesome Bike Stunt Video
I'm not really into extreme sports, but you've gotta be impressed by this video.  Watch some of the coolest stunts you'll ever see on two wheels.
The Many Tricks of a Badass [VIDEO]
Here's a video of some dude performing incredible daily tricks. I'm sure it took many tries to get each one of these right, but either way, it's pretty "badass". Just imagine how it cool it would be, if this was just a normal day.