Super Bowl

Twitter Thinks Bane Caused the Super Bowl XLVII Blackout
We're going to pretend all of these people are hilarious and not morons. When the 2013 Super Bowl was delayed by a power outage, most people took it as a chance to actually talk to the people at their football party. These people decided to make jokes on Twitter that the half hour of darkness w…
VW Darth Vader Unmasked [VIDEO]
Like usual, Super Bowl commercials were awesome this year.  And while the crown of best title is up for debate, VW's Darth Vader commercial has to be in the conversation.  This morning, Lil' Darth unmasked on the Today Show, and you'll be amazed how much he looks like James …
The 10 Best Super Bowl Ads of 2011
The Green Bay Packers are the champions of Super Bowl XLV. Now the three-million-dollars-for-30-seconds-of-airtime question is ... which Super Bowl ad ruled 2011? Hereís our stab at this years 10 best Super Bowl commercials.
Super Bowl XLV Tecmo Style [VIDEO]
Don't get me wrong, Madden 2011 is dope.  But nothing says old school, hard nose, blue collar football like Tecmo Super Bowl.  So lets blast Enter Sandman and Smells Like Teen Spirit, put on some flannel, and check out Super Bowl XLV, in 1991, as a video game.
The 10 Most Memorable Super Bowl Commercials Ever [VIDEOS]
This year, a 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl will cost three million dollars. At that price, any company hawking its product during the big game better hope its ad makes a big impression.
We’ve compiled a chronological list of 10 Super Bowl commercials that went over like a flawlessly exe…
The Five Best Super Bowls Ever [VIDEOS]

The Super Bowl hasn't always been so super. In fact, throughout the  '80s and into the first half of the '90s many of the games were blowouts the likes of which are rarely seen during the regular season.
We've had better luck with Super Bowls lately, and this year's match-up between the Pittsburgh …
2010 Super Bowl Commercials [VIDEO]
With the Super Bowl being a few weeks away, you'll start to see some of the rejected ads.  I'm looking forward to the game, but maybe more so for the commercials.  Check out some of the best from 2010.