10 Comic Book Characters Who Would Make Terrible Friends
You love reading about their adventures and feel like they are almost a part of your life but would you really want to grab a brew in real life with a comic book superhero (or villain)? Here are ten comic book characters who would make particularly bad friends.
Marvel Superheroes Get Ren & Stimpy Treatment
Don't get me wrong, movies and comics like "The Avengers" "X-Men" and "Spiderman" are sweet, but they lack that raw, gritty feeling to them.  That is until you see this video of the Marvel superheroes in a Ren & Stimpy style car…
There Are No Easy Answers When Batman Meets The Riddler
Don't get me wrong, I love Batman. But considering the fact he has no superpowers, his villains tend to suck. Check out what happens when Bats meets up with a villain who's superpower is asking questions using a play on words, The Riddler.
A Toast To The Green Lantern
Superheroes have been doing pretty well recently.  And you've gotta figure it's one of those businesses where the success of one helps everyone.  Most Superheroes are happy for the Lantern.  Hawkman is not.