Cat with Surfing Skills [VIDEO]
I'm just going to come out and say it, this is definitely a stupid pet trick video.  But along with being stupid it's pretty damn awesome too.  Check out this kitty hang claws and shred some serious wavage on his surf board, all while he rides it to safety.
The Hottest Surfing Video Ever
I've never surfed in my life and I probably never will, not a lot of surfing going on in Flint. But I will watch these chicks surf all day long. Honestly, these girls aren't the hottest but they have some rocking bodies and this video is pretty damn hot.
Whale Almost Eats Surfer
I love the ocean.  It's the most powerful thing on the planet and you have to respect it.  It's crazy to think that when you're frolicking along the beach, you're in the same ocean as all those sharks and whales and Cthulus.  This girl gets a dangerously close remi…
Couch Surfing
There's nothing better than sitting your ass down on the couch and drinking a beer. Unless the couch is on skis and getting pulled around the lake, cuz that's better for sure. Check out what these genius Canucks came up with.