sweet child of mine

Fans Sing ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ In Mumbai With Slash [VIDEO]
At a recent concert in Mumbai, Slash had thousands of fans singing along. The footage looks like it was filmed from the top of a building behind the venue and is awesome. The crowd goes crazy when he begins the iconic riff and once the song starts, they get even louder. I don't think I've …
Sweet Child Of Mine Rendition Might Be The Worst Cover Ever
When you really look at it, there is no musical talent in the halls of Banana 101.5.  But I have to imagine that if you gave me, Meadows and Uncle Tony instruments, our cover of Sweet Child couldn't be any worse than this.  Check out these 3 shirtless dudes murder Guns N' Roses.
Mom’s Moaning Interrupts “Sweet Child Of Mine”
This poor kid.  Just minding his own business playing his guitar and mom is getting rocked by the UPS guy.  Sounds like she is having a delightful afternoon.  I would say this kid is scarred for life but he didn't even flinch at the sounds of mom's babymaker getting pounded …