World’s Largest Rope Swing
I'm gonna have to say this is the second sweetest swing I've ever seen. First place going to every sex swing, ever. Check out what has to be one of the funnest and most crap-your-pants-in-fear inducing rides in the world.
Tarzan Vine Swing Fail
If you can die doing it, you probably should have some sort of safety net involved.  But these dudes disagree, and go swinging through the woods, some where deep in the Asian continent.  You can probably guess what's going to happen, but it's funny as hell any
Little Kid Gets Rocked By A Swing [VIDEO]
If little kids weren't so durable this wouldn't be funny.  But, you put the little guys out on the playground...they are going to get hurt.  AND it's going to be hilarious!  Swings provide parents of hours of relief and entertainment!