Taco Bell

Cheetos Burrito? Si Por Favor [VIDEO]
Taco Bell is no stranger to stuffing a chip of some sort into a burrito. The company gave us the Beefy Fritos Burrito is now testing a Cheetos Burrito!
Taco Bell Employees Brawl In Food Prep Area [VIDEO]
In any work place environment things can get heated between co-workers. Most of the times it ends without a punch being thrown. These guys didn't quite feel like talking it out. I'm not sure what started this fight but they came to blows pretty quick! Have you ever physically fought a co-w…
Meth Lab Discovered At Taco Bell [VIDEO]
Is this what happens when fast food workers don't get paid fifteen dollars an hour? They turn all 'Breaking Bad'? A Taco Bell employee in Iowa is out of a job after using the fast food kitchen as a meth lab. Apparently there is a meal after 'Fourth Meal' - it's 'Me…

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