Lead Found In Fidget Spinners Sold At Target [VIDEO]
The only reason I would have a fidget spinner is if it was a free gift with Patron purchase. No such luck. That being said, many of you have them and many of your kids have them. If you purchased one from Target - two brands recently tested positive for lead.
Target Store Intercom Plays Porn Clip To Shoppers [VIDEO]
This is definitely something you don't want to here when shopping for dinosaur chicken nuggets with your kids. At a Target store in California, someone got a little crazy with the intercom. Even while porn is blasting through the store, the employees don't seem like they are running to fix…
Loaded Gun Found in Target Toy Aisle [VIDEO]
This could have gone all sorts of bad. A real gun was found in the toy aisle of a Target store in South Carolina. The gun was in plain sight, actually on top of a toy box. Luckily it was an employee that found it, not a child.