Deer Run Through Antique Shop, Oh Dear! [VIDEO]
Have you heard the phrase 'bull in a china shop'? How about 'deer in an antique shop'? I am not sure if a bull has ever been in an actual china shop, but two deer were actually caught on camera in an antique shop. Who gives a crap about 'who let the dogs out', who let t…
Brother and Sister Caught Kissing In Jail After Being Arrested
Charlene Ellet and her brother Cameron Beck, are making the world join in one giant 'EWWWWWW', after news broke of the siblings kissing in jail after being arrested. Ellet was caught shoplifting in a Texas Walmart, her brother went inside the store looking for her. For some reason, authori…
MLB Skipper Gets Busted Smoking During the Game [Video]
Based on this video snip-it Tiger's skipper Jim Leyland isn't the only one who can't control his nicotine fits during the game. Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington has the same vice. But after admitted cocaine use in 2010 I think this is really the lesser of two evils.
Deer Attacks Men, Steals Cigarettes [VIDEO]
I guess I know now what Chris Monroe is doing on his vacation, dressing like a deer and stealing cigarettes! Actually this really did happen. A buck attacked two dudes in Texas, then jumped in a truck and grabbed their smokes!
Woman Fakes Kidnapping to Avoid Work [VIDEO]
I am not a person that calls into work. Actually Chris Monroe doesn't really call in much either. Why would he when his normal work day consists of smoking and talking on his cell phone? One woman must have had a really busy day ahead of her at work, because she faked her own kidnapping to avoi…

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