The Avengers

Watch Every Marvel Movie Easter Egg Up Through ‘Thor 2′
Part of the fun of watching a Marvel movie is looking out for all those Easter eggs strewn throughout, and you can be sure 'Guardians of the Galaxy' has a handful, as well. But in case you missed any of them, from the first 'Iron Man' movie all the way up to 'Thor: The Dark …
Marvel’s Big Plans For Future ‘Hulk’ Movies…Revealed!
We knew that Marvel has longterm plans for their movie universe, but we didn't know they were this longterm. It turns out that they're not just thinking about 'Iron Man 3,' 'Thor: The Dark World,' 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier,' 'Guardians of the Galaxy' and the second 'Avengers' movie -- the…
Jeremy Renner and ‘SNL’ Poke Fun At ‘The Avengers’
'The Bourne Legacy' star Jeremy Renner stopped by 'Saturday Night Live' last night to play the admittedly foreign role of comedy host. During one of the sketches, the crew decided to poke fun at another blockbuster Renner starred in this year: 'The Avengers.' Reprising his role of Hawkeye, Renner ha…
Want a New Hulk Movie? You’re Going to Have to Wait
One of the breakout stars of 'The Avengers' was Mark Ruffalo and his turn as the Hulk. He was the third actor to take on the role, but between the actor and Joss Whedon's writing and directing, the character finally clicked. After the release, many people mentioned wanting a new Hulk …
Chuck Norris Kicks The Avengers Asses
Let's face the facts, the Chuck Norris jokes got old.  But luckily, they got old a while ago, so now they are back and better than ever.  Check out this video of Chuck Norris kicking the Avengers asses.
Marvel Superheroes Get Ren & Stimpy Treatment
Don't get me wrong, movies and comics like "The Avengers" "X-Men" and "Spiderman" are sweet, but they lack that raw, gritty feeling to them.  That is until you see this video of the Marvel superheroes in a Ren & Stimpy style car…
Avengers’ Fans Get Pranked
The crew over at Jest pulled a good one over on some Avengers' nerds while they were waiting in line to see the premiere of The Avengers. They quizzed some really devoted fans, already knowing their (Jest) answers were wrong. These folks got pretty upset over the wrong answers.
1978 Promo For “The Avengers”
Nobody in Hollywood has an original idea.  Remakes have taken over the movie theaters, and even this summer's biggest blockbuster is just another remake.  Check out the original "The Avengers".

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