The Dark Knight Rises

Witness Accounts Colorado Movie Theatre Tragedy [VIDEO]
My heart is breaking for the family and friends who lost loved ones in the tragic shooting in Aurora, Colorado. At a screening of '‘The Dark Knight Rises', 24-year-old, James Holmes, opened fire on movie patrons.  As of now many survivors are being treated, including a 3-month-o…
New Movie Releases — ‘The Dark Knight Rises’
The most hotly-anticipated movie of the summer opens this weekend, so it’s no surprise it’ll stand alone as the only new flick to hit theaters. Who’d want to compete against what will almost surely wind up being one of the most successful films of all time?
The Dark Knight XXX Trailer [VIDEO]
Most porn parodies don't hit the internet for at least a few weeks after the release date of the movie.  'The Dark Knight Rises' is an exception though.  Check out the trailer for the porn parody of the new Batman movie, 'The Dark Knight XXX'.

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