The Friday Bust

Man on Drugs Struggles to Stand – The Friday Bust [VIDEO]
This video is so sad, yet very funny at the same time.
The cops pull this guy over and he is completely messed up on something. Every time he stands up, he falls to the ground. This same thing happens over and over, that is the funny part. The sad part is the fact that this guys was driving a car in …
Cop on Bike Crashes Down Stairs – The Friday Bust [VIDEO]
Well, nobody gets arrested here but the video is funny as hell.
I think cops on pedal bikes are funny as hell to begin with, it's just not very intimidating. This cop takes a wicked faceplant while attempting to go down a set of stairs. I can't figure out why this idiot tried this maneuver …
Base Jump Getaway – The Friday Bust [VIDEO]
I think base jumping is one of the craziest things you could ever do.
Now, throw in running from the police by base jumping off a bridge, that makes you are a real badass. This guy knows he is going to jail no matter what, so he decides to jump anyway. This story would be a lot cooler if the cop jump…