throwback thursday

Putt Putt Golf $18,000 Game From 1989 [VIDEO]
I had no idea that this was a thing in 1989. These guys are really serious about a skins game in putt putt golf. Just listening to the commentary will make you laugh. It gets better as you watch the whole thing. I love golf but the are at a very rare and almost impossible level of nerd in this one.
Show Me Your Genitals, 2008 – Throwback Thursday
For months after this video came out, you could hear someone singing "Your Genitalia" throughout the office. Comedian Jon Lajoie claimed internet viral glory with this one. Take a listen but be warned, it will be stuck in your head all day!
Star Wars Kid, 2002 – Throwback Thursday [VIDEO]
Good ole Ghyslain Raza, a.k.a. Star Wars Kid. A video that started as a harmless fan video in his high school's studio in 2002. A few months later his "friend" found the video and, as a joke, uploaded it to file sharing site, Kazaa. Shortly after, the "Star Wars Kid&a…

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