Tight Rope

Slackline Walker Conquers 6000 Foot Rope With No Safety
I'm not going to lie, I get nervous standing to close to the edge-railing at the mall.  I can't even imagine walking 130 feet on a rope, almost 6,000 feet from the ground.  Dean Potter did just that, and he did it with no nets, parachutes, or safety lines.
Super Bowl Tight Rope Performer Highlights
If you watched the halftime show of the Super Bowl, you probably noticed an old hag, a rapper chick with a huge ass, and the dude jumping around on the tight rope. Well that guy is Andy Lewis and you can watch his being insane in this video.
Monkey Riding A Mounain Goat Walking A Tight Rope
I won't lie, I'm pretty easy to amuse.  I'd be impressed with a monkey riding a mountain goat, or a mountain goat walking a tight rope by themselves.  But when you combine it all in one video, you're talking about 4 of the best minutes of my life.