Woman Addicted To Drinking Animal Blood [VIDEO]
Here we go again, another strange addiction. Meet Michelle, she is a 29-year-old tattoo artist who is addicted to drinking animal blood. Most of us reach for coffee in the morning, she fills her coffee cup with blood. Also, you might not want to accept a Bloody Mary from her either.
Woman Addicted To Bee Stings [VIDEO]
Just when I think TLC cannot find anyone nuttier than Lisa in Detroit who eats her cat's hair, or adult Jeff who enjoys breast milk, we meet Margaret. Mrs. Margaret is addicted to bee stings! WTF?
Detroit Woman Licks Her Pussy…Cat [VIDEO]
I can think of plenty of things we should lick. How about suckers or ice cream cones. Hell, what about your hands? Finger licking good! If those examples are not tempting enough, you could always lick your pussy cat. One woman in Detroit cannot get enough of her kitty!
Man Addicted to Breast Milk [VIDEO]
TLC never fails to find people with bizarre addictions.  Meet Jeff, he is addicted to breast milk. As if that is not strange enough, Jeff and his woman have no qualms about going on television to tell everyone about it.
Girl Addicted To Drinking Gasoline
First of all how can she afford this addiction?  Gas is so expensive!  TLC finds another person with a super strange addiction, meet Shannon a 20 year old addicted to drinking gasoline.  Shannon claims to drink at least 12 teaspoons of gas a day!
Cabbage Patch Kid Crazy [VIDEO]
I have certainly heard and or read about people collecting dolls. Usually collectors do not play with the dolls, they just display them. Not these clowns. TLC has discovered a group of people who are not only obsessed with their Cabbage Patch dolls, they actually treat them like real children, even …