Toddler Is Mad At Everything In Life [VIDEO]
Being a dad, I understand this guys pain. Kids have a way of sucking every bit of energy from your brain. This little guy doesn't know what he wants but we know he isn't happy. The dads comment at the end sums up kids nicely.
Toddler Breaks into Sister’s Room and Steals Toys [VIDEO]
Every night this little 2 year-old breaks into his sister's bedroom and steals her toys, this time around it's a pillow pet. The crazy part is, her door is locked! This little dude actually uses finger nail clippers to break in to get the goods. Watch as mom and dad catch him in action.
Toddler Rides Toy Motorbike Into Busy Traffic
A three-year old little boy from China was really lucky after riding his toy motorbike into busy rush hour traffic. Watch as this kid almost gets blasted by couple buses in this extremely busy intersection. This story does end with a happy ending as the little dude drives off to safety.