Woman Nearly Gets Head Taken Off By Train [VIDEO]
Taking a trip on a train is a lot of fun.  It's way nicer than taking a bus, way cheaper than taking plane and you can get drunk as hell and not worry about driving anywhere.  You do have to worry about getting your head chopped off though, if you're as dumb as this chick.
Guy Goes Crazy Over Old Train That Travels 50 Feet
No one should ever be this excited about a train.  I know collectors can get excited about old and hard to find pieces but this is a bit much.  He seems completely turned on by the sound of the horn and that fact that it travels 50 feet down the tracks.  Check it out.
Extremely Stupid Guy Stuck Under Moving Train Escapes [VIDEO]
I have know idea how this idiot got under this train in the first place and I don't understand why he didn't just wait until the train passed by. It's amazing how calm he is considering he could die at any point of this video. Somebody pointed out, if you're going to help your fr…