New ‘Transformers’ Trailer Looks Badass [VIDEO]
I just got a lot more excited for the new "Transformers" movie. I didn't really pay attention to the plot in the previous trailers, now I need to see what happens. Even though it's a new cast, I'm still looking forward to seeing what happens.
Transformers ‘Age of Extinction’ Movie Trailer [VIDEO]
While watching the Super Bowl last night, you may have noticed the trailer for the new Transformers movie. I knew Mark Wahlberg was in the movie but I didn't realize how big his role actually was until now. It looks action packed and awesome much like all three releases prior. Check out the mov…
‘Transformers 4′: Could Mark Wahlberg be Joining the Cast?
Michael Bay played footsies for a while with doing more 'Transformers' movies, but has signed up for a fourth film, because... well, money. Lots and lots of it. Bay earned $80 Million from the first film (which is the lowest grossing film of the franchise), and gets 8% of the merchandising money, so…
A Real Life Transformer
Those of you that think robots will one day take over the earth, here's your ammo. I don't think that will ever happen, however I do think this is effing awesome. Yesterday it was real life light sabers and now this, what will tomorrow bring?