Star Wars Recut Trailer: Blaxploitation Style
I didn't even know there was such a thing as Star Wars day until Fantone mentioned it on the air earlier. So it is in the spirit of the national faux-liday that I bring you the original trailer shown to Harlem audiences in early 1977.
How To Urinate In Public [VIDEO]
This seems like a weird video to post but seriously, I was almost arrested for this once. Whether anyone is around to see it or not; if a cop sees you in the classic pose, you're one step closer to being a sex offender. Here are the easiest techniques for emptying the tank in public o…
Vote Today To Re-Open The City Jail
Everybody knows that crime is out of control in Flint, today you can do something about it by voting to re-open the city jail. This seems like a no-brainer with murder rates soaring but some people will tell you this is a bad idea...I am not one of those people.
Osama Bin Laden Is Dead.
After almost a decade of hunting the terrorist ringleader and mass murderer Osama Bin Laden, the US checked "Get Osama" off of their to do list. He was taken down in a firefight with US special forces at a compound in Pakistan that ended with a headshot for the man responsible…
Week In Rock Report!!!
A lot of big things happened this week in the realm of the Banana . In case you missed the lastest on Red Hot Chili Peppers' new album, QOTSA helping the Aqua Teen Hunger Force re-launch the show, Incubus' new video, Pearl Jam's movie, Beastie Boys' movie, Sma…
The Big 4 Announce New U.S. Tour Date
Everyone this side of the Mississippi was pretty pissed Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax were only playing one date in the California! WTF? They just threw us east-coasters a bone.
Playstation Network Is STILL Down!
Wednesday I picked up a brand new kopy of Mortal Kombat (which is incredible BTW) only to learn I was unable to get my ass kicked by 12 year olds online. Sony has shut down PSN due to security issues and there is no telling when it will be back up.

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