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Banana Bad Bowlers League, Season Three Flashback [VIDEO]
We are into the 5th season of the Banana Bad Bowlers League and we are back at it tonight. Stop by and have a beer with us tonight at Grand Blanc Lanes.  As I was scrolling through YouTube, I came across a Bad Bowler trick shot.  Check out some of the madness here.
Montage of Amazing Beer Pong Shots Will Boggle Your Mind [VIDEO]
Even if you're like me and don't drink, you got to admit that beer pong is a pretty awesome game. Drunk or sober it takes a certain amount of skill to land the ball into the cup. That why I know this collection of amazing, crazy, damn-near impossible shots is guaranteed to leave everyone s…
Johnny Mac Trick Shot Quarterback [VIDEO]
This dude's all over the media this week with his awesome football  trick shots. Now, it's not like he got em' all on the first shot, but badass nonetheless. Actually the final trick, took about 20 tries.