This Guy Has the Art of Making Vine Videos Mastered [Video]
L.A. video artist Zach King, might be the best Vine video poster out there. People are comparing them to "magic" tricks because it's tough to figure out how he does some of them. Although some of them actually have special effects, most of his stuff is just straight up cl…
Skateboard Tricks Look Sick With Chalk in the Mix [VIDEO]
I don't know about you, but even though I couldn't even dare to dream of getting on a skateboard and try to pull off a simple ollie, I still love skateboarding and all the amazing tricks these dudes can do. And these slow-motion tricks will change the way you look at skateboarding.
Bad Ass BMX Tricks
The Summer X-Games start up soon and to get you in the mood for all the flipping and spinning and Mountain Dew drinking, here's the top BMX Tricks of 2012. It's crazy what these dudes can do on a bike.
Dog Trained To Show Junk
Pets are kind of stupid, and pet tricks are really stupid. That is unless you train your dog to flash his junk on command, cuz that's pretty hilarious.
The Many Tricks of a Badass [VIDEO]
Here's a video of some dude performing incredible daily tricks. I'm sure it took many tries to get each one of these right, but either way, it's pretty "badass". Just imagine how it cool it would be, if this was just a normal day.
X Games: Torstein Horgmo Big Air Triple Cork [VIDEO]
I've become a huge fan of the X Games recently.  I don't know the name of half the tricks they do, hell I'm happy to get down the hill alive, but this is impressive!  I love the fact that he almost takes out a fan with his goggles after the run.  You don't see this…